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Our goal is to build a database that will enable our families to determine which of the variant-spelled Ariola et al lines are related and possibly determine the approximate time they began to branch away.  Y-line DNA testing has recently come onto the genealogy scene.  Y-DNA is passed from father to son  only, from generation to generation with little or no change and can be used to prove/disprove lineage back to a MRCA (Most Recent Common Ancestor) when compared to another "paper genealogy cousin".    
We're including the surnames of Trevino and Ayala because of the custom in early Spanish families to allow the children to choose which surname they wanted to be known by.  Some of the early documents we've found in northern Mexico lead us to believe some of these surnames  intermarried and are directly related.  We are particularly interested in these surnames that lived in northern Mexico in the late 1600's through the 1700's.
We're looking for make descendants with the Ariola/Arriola/Arreola/Trevino/Ayala surname to participate in a DNA testing project.  If you are a female,  perhaps you have a father, brother, uncle or cousin who will provide his DNA.
Our objective is to match individuals or families who share a common male ancestor with the Arriola/Ariola/Arreola/Trevino/Ayala surname including the variant spellings from Spain, Mexico, Hawaii, Portugal and elsewhere.
This is an on-going project and qualified participants are invited and encouraged to join.  The testing of the Y-DNA from one male of the same-surname family line can be made into a family project and the cost shared my other family members as a group.
You've probably heard about DNA and all the possibilities that's opened because of it.  It's the fastest growing area of genealogical research!  Through DNA testing, it is possible for genealogy researchers to better establish - or disprove - a paternal link between individuals with a common surname.  Fathers pass their Y-chromosomes (DNA) down to their sons with little or no variation, from generation to generation.  Therefore, men with identical, or near identical DNA factors can be genetically proven to be descendants of a common male ancestor.  The test results will not tell you the degree of relationship, only that you do, or do not, share a common ancestor.
Some people may have a tendency to worry about having their DNA available to other people.  This won't and can't happen because the lab we use, located at the University of Arizona, reports the results as numbers.  These numbers represent the number of "repeats" that are found on a particular area of a DNA strand.  These are the numbers that are shown on our Results Page.  It is estimated that up to 97% of DNA is non-coding or "junk" DNA, and the Y-DNA falls into this category.  It contains no information regarding health issues, eye color, hair color, stature, intelligence, etc., from the Y-chromosome.  Only males have the Y-chromosome and it's passed from father to son, from generation to generation with little or no change, and that's all it does.
 View a demonstration of the process obtaining the DNA sample from cells inside the cheek.  This demo may take a minute or so to load, so please be patient.   This link also contains several articles on DNA that has appeared on MSNBC.
Each participant will send to the Ariola DNA Testing Project Coordinator an Application and an Ancestor Chart  which both can be downloaded from this website.  The Project Coordinator will send by return US Mail a DNA specimen kit.  It involves the painless use of a swab inside a persons cheek.  Multiple control samples are run  on gel, by a computer and manually, to assure that the system is functioning properly.  The testing lab will compare our samples with other samples in their database  each for comparison to other 'long-lost relatives'.  They will also notify us by e-mail if they find a 'genetic cousin' in their growing database.  We will receive the results in a few weeks.  Included in the specimen kit is a Release Form.  The Release Form must be signed and dated so that FamilyTree DNA will have the authority to notify you  of as 12/12  match of another participant in their database who have also submitted a sample and signed and dated a Release Form.   Each specimen will be given code numbers and tested for the Y-chromosome only, and will never be used for any other purpose than our Ariola-DNA testing project.  Please understand  that DNA analysis may show that your surname, based on written genealogical evidence and family legend, may not be biologically related to others in this project.
FamilyTree DNA of Houston, Texas has offered us a discounted price of $99.00 for a group of at least six participants.  Since  Y-DNA is shared by all male members of a same-surname family, the cost of testing can be shared by other family members and be viewed as a family project  which will benefit all family members.
FamilyTree DNA of Houston also accepts payment by PayPal, American Express, Visa and Master Card.            
Each participant must send an Application and a Pedigree Chart, both can be downloaded from this site.  The Pedigree Chart should go back as far as possible on your Ariola line as has been documented by yourself, and include as many birth and death dates  and maiden names for the spouses as possible.  It is not necessary to include dates for living persons, only for the deceased.  If you have a printed computer copy of your pedigree, that will be sufficient and appreciated. 
The Project Coordinator will mail the DNA specimen kit to the participant.  The kit includes a copy of FamilyTree DNA Release Form.  
     Please make checks payable to FamilyTree DNA.   All DNA kits must be returned to FamilyTree DNA within 30 days.
FamilyTree DNA sends each participant a Certificate and report of the results.  They will also maintain a personal page for each participant that will include his results and can only be accessed by that participant.
 If you know of anyone that would be willing to join our project, please have them contact the Project Coordinator, Dell Ariola at dellariola (at)



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